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Tema is the port of the funding city Accra, recently built in the 1960s by Ghana’s first head of state, Kwame Nkrumah. Till the opening of Tema port, every one of Ghana’s international profession travelled through the remote port of Takoradi, 2 hundred and forty kilometers away in the Western Area. Nkrumah wished to exercise closer control over importation and the export of Ghana’s a lot of useful commodity, chocolate, so the production of a brand-new port at Tema became a priority for his management. Coming to be the centre of a large amount of service as well as financial activity, Tema proliferated to become Ghana’s 4th largest city after Accra, Kumasi and Tamale.

To make sure rapid communications in between the resources and also the brand-new port, Kwame Nkrumah constructed¬†Latest News In Ghana only motorway, a thirty kilometre dashboard along the coast to the eastern. Long before one departure the motorway, Tema’s best site appears, four huge concrete silos developed to store Ghana’s annual output of chocolate. The suggestion behind the silos was the manipulation of the world price of chocolate; holding in store when the rate was reduced and launching stock when the rate was high. However the silos were never made use of, and are claimed to be packed with rain water. They stand like the pyramids of Giza as a monument to a lengthy passed pharaoh.

Tema was said to have actually been planned by the guy that developed the Pakistani funding, Islamabad. If this is true, one have to be sorry for the residents of Pakistan. Tema is comprised of regarding loads neighborhoods, each with a number, as well as including rows of low-cost homes developed for leasing by the port workers of the Nkrumah age. Neighborhood one, the centre of the city, offered area for small branches of the leading banks, a blog post office, a sanctuary, 2 gasoline filling stations and also a basic market. A lot of the other areas are mainly property but main markets as well as numerous small commercial companies have actually emerged in and also between your houses throughout the years. The city is regulated by the Tema Advancement Board TDC which takes pleasure in rather better powers compared to most neighborhood managements.

The small employees’ homes in Tema started to be acquired up by rich citizens who re-let them at higher rental fees or expanded and also improved them for their own use. This brought about the TDC developing a One-Man, One-House Committee to try to implement the initial principle of budget friendly houses for low-paid workers. In the 1980s, the effort was only marginally successful and rents stayed well over just what a lot of employees could manage. Many of the upgraded residences were occupied by entrepreneurs and also successful investors and also these clever houses with walled gardens as well as pebble-dashed wall surfaces stood among rotting, unpainted antiques still held by the aging residue of Nkrumah’s leaders.